Thanks for this email!
  I’m still parsing/consuming - the first link has much more background 
information/explanation than what I’d been looking at.  Really great.

  Also thanks for taking the journey and leaving such good notes.


> On Feb 9, 2018, at 12:44 AM, Michael O'Brien <frank.obr...@amdocs.com> wrote:
> Tina,
>  Hi, this is Michael.  I am bringing up DCAEGEN2 in the Intel/Windriver 
> openlab right now via OOM - on 25% of my time as I need it to exercise logs 
> in the closed loop components (dcae, policy, appc...).
>  I have had the usual assistance from Alexis and understand the two 
> 25.2(everything except designate) and 25.5 (Designate) openstacks a lot more 
> now.
>  My issues were misapplied tenant id's and the 3 keystone urls - I read the 
> DCAE readthedocs page in detail a couple times 
> http://onap.readthedocs.io/en/latest/submodules/dcaegen2.git/docs/sections/installation_heat.html
>  but still had some ambiguity on a couple of the template values - writing 
> this up as well under
> https://jira.onap.org/browse/DOC-245
>  I also had an issue with running a 2nd oom to heat deployment because of a 
> hardcoded stack name being fixed  (you will be ok for now with 1 dcae setup 
> per tenant - or the workaround)
> https://jira.onap.org/browse/OOM-673
>  As of now I have passed heat-bootstrap (oom container in the onap-dcaegen2 
> pod) creation of the zones in designate and the dcae-bootstrap vm via heat 
> template in the container.
>  Switching over to the heat side - the dcea-bootstrap vm has orchestrated the 
> cloudify vm (dcaeorcl00 - we don’t neet the vm1-multi-service xxlarge 
> anymore) - this takes 7 min
>  Now we are out of heat and running the cloudify tosca blueprint for the 
> consul and cdap nodes
>  My last issue was a busted dcae key which caused a cloudify-consul ssh issue
>  The other DCAE nodes start to come up from the dcaeorcl00 node
>  Dcaensls00/01/02 after 10 more min
>  Dcaedokp00 after 1 more min
>  Dcaedoks00 after 4 more min
>  Dcaecdap00/01/02/03/04/05/06 pending
>  Dcaepgvm00 pending
>  Deleting a deployment - to get it to work you will need to wipe the entire 
> tenant because removing DCAE because of the hybrid HEAT/Cloudify 
> orchestration will require a quick script to delete the non-DCAE vms, delete 
> the recordsets from designate, delete the ports (a heat stack delete will 
> fail on a security group dependency), then delete the stack. After that 
> optionally delete your oom stack.
>  Running details are on
> https://jira.onap.org/browse/LOG-167
>  The original thread is on
> https://lists.onap.org/pipermail/onap-discuss/2018-February/007884.html 
> https://lists.onap.org/pipermail/onap-discuss/2018-February/007904.html
>  I will update Alexis's page tomorrow when I get the last of the cdap nodes 
> working - with some additional troubleshooting.
>  In the end a fully specified onap-parameters.yaml will work out of the box 
> on a clean openstack tenant with 180G
> https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/ONAP+on+Kubernetes+on+Rancher+in+OpenStack#ONAPonKubernetesonRancherinOpenStack-Deployingthedcaegen2pod
>  As aai rest calls for the region from the heat side to the aai side - work - 
> we should be ok for closed loop  - once I rerun the vFW.
>  I'll send a mail when everything is up.
>  The work you refer to is for Beijing (the DCAE work is not yet ported 
> there), if you use Amsterdam, DCAE will come up via OOM.
>  Later there is also full cloudify-manager containerization and a designate 
> port going on that should remove the heat dependency - this is pending.
>   Running the heat stack directly (no OOM) does not work as well for me - I 
> cannot get any of the cloudify orchestrated VMs up - It does work in the lab 
> so it is a config issue on my part.  For OOM I am getting further on the heat 
> side - just having an issue with the 7 cdap nodes.
>   Thank you
>   /michael
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> Dear Joe,
> I cc ONAP list, hope to get a reply specifically.
> Thank you,
> Tina Tsou
> Enterprise Architect
> Arm
> tina.t...@arm.com
> +1 (408)931-3833
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> Subject: [opnfv-tech-discuss] [Auto][ONAP] Are there any tips for installing 
> "DCAE-only" on OPNFV/OpenStack
> Hi,
>  I’m looking for pointers for installing DCAE on an Openstack environment for 
> the Auto project.
>  We’re installing most of ONAP on kubernetes, but DCAE is not quite ready (a 
> couple of weeks out?) for deployment on k8s.  So, we’d like to install DCAE 
> by itself (as much as possible) on an OPNFV bare metal pod’s open stack 
> environment.
>  I’m not very experienced with ONAP. I have done a couple of ONAP deployment 
> attempts using the heat template, but am chasing a number of small issues.  
> My hope is that if I can limit the installation scope to just DCAE, then it’s 
> a little easier to focus;)
>  In the meantime, I’ll continue working on full ONAP install on openstack 
> with the heat template.
> Thanks!
> Joe Kidder
> Auto Project contributor
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