Thank you for the feedback.  I will compile everyone’s comments and take them 
back to the project teams, the Tiger Team, and the ARC following the completion 
of the vote.


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Hi Chris, Seshu,

There are two some issues in the Architecture slides

* P8: The contents of left-top part and right-bottom part are inconsistent, 
there is one more in the left-top

There are 4 provided interferes at the left-top while 3 at the right-bottom.

*P9: "network" should be removed

Then consumed model of SO is "service descriptor" rather than "network service 



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Hi Chris,

I found the updates last week from SO PTL Seshu on slide page 8 and 9 in the 
attachment haven’t been merged into the
Would you consider updating the slides for TSC voting?

Best Regards,
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主题: RE: I made some update on a few page in TSC v2.0

Please find the clarifications and updates for the SO on Page 8 and Page 9.

Best regards
Seshu Kumar M
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