Dear Morgan, 

I was talking today with Aric about this (since he has seen this working in 
I know from him that this system is not easily adaptable to other projects. 

Are you familiar with how this system is developed?

Do you know who can help us rewriting this so that easily adaptable to other 


On Mon Feb 05 03:17:16 2018, wrote:
> Hi,
> would it be possible to get IT resources to host ONAP integration
> results.
> The idea is to collect test results from the different CI chains and
> provide an aggregated view of the results (referencing jenkins runs on
> different labs with different installers, on different versions
> (Amsterdam, Master (Beijing),..).
> It is an adaptation of what is currently done in OPNFV
> (
> The most straight forward way would be
> - duplication of the VM managed by Linux
> Foundation (nginx, docker APi, docker reporting, mongo DB, git, would
> be preinstalled)
> - configuration of testresults subdomain for onap main domain to point
> to the IP of this duplicated VM
> I would make some cleaning on the duplicated VM
> - clean several accounts used in OPNFV and not needed for ONAP
> - dump of the OPNFV DB
> - creation of ONAP DB (installers: OOM, Heat; test cases: Functional
> test cases (robot, vFW, vLB,), benchmark ..)
> We should also re-use the existing jenkins Jobs in order to sync the
> deployement of the dockers, backup the DB from ONAP main CI
> If it is not possible to duplicate the VM, is it possible to get a
> fresh VM
> - 2 vCPU
> - 80 Go disk
> - 8 Go Ram
> We could even start smaller if needed, but that is the current sizing
> on OPNFV side and we had to increase it once (initial sizing was too
> small)
> I gave a try on my local POD and took some screenshots (attached file)
> Please note that Functest here means all the functional testing (no
> bijection with the OPNFV functest project) and would leverage the
> robot healtcheck as well as automated functional testcases.
> Benchmark corresponds to the new benchmark project
> I think it is a good example of Xcommunity synergies..
> Thanks
> Morgan
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