Hi Gary,

User demo was only admin in SB-00, this is no longer the case.   demo is now a 
normal user in SB_00 as it is in the other integration projects.

- Stephen

From: Gooch, Stephen
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 15:39
To: 'Gary Wu'; 'Yang Xu (Yang, Fixed Network)'; 'Michael O'Brien'
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Subject: RE: [integration] Intel lab network error


The following was called to reconnect the jumpstation:

wruser@tacit:~/windriver/TiC/ONAP$ os network list | grep admin
| 48573914-055a-4b8d-b03c-66c291170757 | admin-mgmt                             
   | 807ea269-0ff1-4a25-95f3-702d13882be6 |
wruser@tacit:~/windriver/TiC/ONAP$ os server list
| ID                                   | Name               | Status | Networks 
| Image Name |
| fd59c968-8125-4a5a-9b54-7effd16828e6 | vBoothost          | ACTIVE |          
|            |
| b9dd852f-4b5c-4432-a721-108c833c27ac | POD-ONAP-01-vJhost | ACTIVE |          
|            |
wruser@tacit:~/windriver/TiC/ONAP$ nova interface-attach --net-id 
48573914-055a-4b8d-b03c-66c291170757 b9dd852f-4b5c-4432-a721-108c833c27ac
wruser@tacit:~/windriver/TiC/ONAP$ nova interface-attach --net-id 
48573914-055a-4b8d-b03c-66c291170757 fd59c968-8125-4a5a-9b54-7effd16828e6

A new Neutron router was added between the admin-mgnt tenant network and the 
external network.   Then a floating IP was re-requested.
The new floating IP for the jumpstation is     Thus, it is easy  
enough to reconnect an individual VM, but for the stacks, I'd assume one would 
delete them and start over.

Assuming user "demo" was used, I am checking to see if this user is admin in 
any other projects other than SB-02.  And then removing Admin privilege.

- Stephen

From: Gooch, Stephen
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 15:13
To: 'Gary Wu'; Yang Xu (Yang, Fixed Network); Michael O'Brien
Cc: onap-discuss
Subject: RE: [integration] Intel lab network error

Hi Gary,

In SB-00 most users are normal users.  The following are ADMIN:

Helen, Marco and demo

In SB02
Helen and Marco are still admins, but demo is not.  Where you running as the 
demo user in SB-00?

- Stephen

From: Gary Wu [mailto:gary.i...@huawei.com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 15:03
To: Gooch, Stephen; Yang Xu (Yang, Fixed Network); Michael O'Brien
Cc: onap-discuss
Subject: RE: [integration] Intel lab network error

Hi Stephen,

It looks like the cleanup scripts that deletes all floating IPs and routers 
within a tenant, when run from the Integration-SB-00 tenant, somehow managed to 
delete all of them across the Integration-* tenants (and maybe others?).

This does not happen when running the cleanup scripts from any other 
Integration-* tenants such as Integration-SB-02 or Integration-Jenkins.

Does the SB-00 tenant have some special cross-tenant permissions?


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Subject: Re: [onap-discuss] [integration] Intel lab network error

HI Gary,

It appears the all the Neutron routers have been deleted from the cloud.   And 
the VM interfaces along with it.   I'll recreate the admin Neutron router and 
re-connect the jump station; then get back to you.

- Stephen

From: Yang Xu (Yang, Fixed Network) [mailto:yang....@huawei.com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2018 14:40
To: Gooch, Stephen
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Subject: [integration] Intel lab network error


I can't access any VM public IP in Intel lab now. Is there any issue in the 

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