Hi All,

I wanted to update the community on an issue that was raised during weekly PTL 
meeting regarding the Jenkins Daily Build and the difficulty to get that job 
executed successfully.

To provide a bit of context, Nexus-staging repo is facing some limitations and 
does not allow to repeatedly build Jenkins daily jobs. As all teams are 
currently in an intense development activities with numerous commits every days 
there is no easy way to build binaries on dependencies that are constantly 
We had a meeting with the attendees (see below) and, to circumvent this issue, 
we are proposing to not perform Jenkins daily build until we reach M4 Code 
For teams who need to rely on other ONAP cpts they will need to use binaries 
currently available into Nexus-Release.
This approach is a lightweight to avoid teams updating version dependencies in 
pom and manifest files.

LF has provided a way to disable Jenkins Daily Jobs. That will help in not 
consuming resources. Refer to attached email for details. Thanks Jess.

Before you ask, Sonar jobs are currently setup to run every day and this 
independently of the daily builds. Sonar can also be triggered on demand. See 
details in 

We will come back with recommendations once we reach M4.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Attendees: jwagant...@linuxfoundation.org; Andrew Grimberg 
<agrimb...@linuxfoundation.org>; Kenny Paul <kp...@linuxfoundation.org>; 
'MAHER, RANDA' <rx1...@att.com>; DRAGOSH, PAMELA L (PAM) 
<pdrag...@research.att.com>; BRADY, PATRICK D <pb0...@att.com>; KAJUR, HARISH V 
<vk2...@att.com>; 'FORSYTH, JAMES' <jf2...@att.com>; Gary Wu 
<gary.i...@huawei.com>; JI, LUSHENG  (LUSHENG) <l...@research.att.com>; CHO, 
TAKAMUNE <tc0...@att.com>


Gildas Lanilis
ONAP Release Manager
Santa Clara CA, USA
Mobile: 1 415 238 6287

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Dear team,

The disabled flag is now added in the daily jobs.

Please use this flag whenever you need to disable a project.

For example, if we would wanted to disable 

We can add the flag like this:

diff --git a/jjb/policy/policy-common.yaml b/jjb/policy/policy-common.yaml

index 779dbce..663d5de 100644

--- a/jjb/policy/policy-common.yaml

+++ b/jjb/policy/policy-common.yaml

@@ -26,7 +26,8 @@


       - '{project-name}-{stream}-verify-java-skip-tests'

       - '{project-name}-{stream}-merge-java'

-      - '{project-name}-{stream}-release-version-java-daily'

+      - '{project-name}-{stream}-release-version-java-daily':

+          disabled: true

       - '{project-name}-{stream}-stage-site-java':

           site-pom: 'pom.xml'

           trigger-job: '{project-name}-{stream}-release-version-java-daily'

Let me know if you have any questions



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