Hi, All,

In Amsterdam we used simpedemo.openecomp.org or simpledemo.onap.org domain 
names and certificates signed by a demo CA.

In Beijing, is there a new demo CA?  From the VF2F session, it sounded like AAF 
CM could provide this, but it’s unclear when it will be available.  Should 
systems like AAI who used TLS in Amsterdam continue to use the same certificate 
+ openecomp.org FQDN in Beijing, at least in the interim?

Would AAI clients prefer to continue to use the existing domain names?  Should 
systems who will use the MSB api gateway re-use those domain names, perhaps 
changing existing records to CNAME records that point at the MSB names?  Who is 
responsible for the nameserver configs? Does OOM manage this now?


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