Hi Deng Hui,

Thank you for preparing Liaison document. My comments are the following:

  1.  What is the date for milestone 4?
  2.  The first link requires ONAP login. Thus, ETSI NFV members may not have 
the login. LS should provide public links or avoid providing one. 
  3.  If possible, please provide a link to ONAP use cases, per this statement 
in the LS "To fulfill the requirements of the use cases in ONAP..."
  4.  Under Action section: It would be good to provide an expected response 
date from ETSI to meet ONAP timeline.  Is March 8 is deadline?

It would be beneficial to approve the LS today TSC call, because ETSI NFV 
meeting is next week.


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Hello all

Based on email discussion, enclosed draft liaison from modeling subcommittee to 
ETSI NFV ISG is as the enclosed.

Thanks a lot for you review

Best regards,

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