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Sorry for my late reply. I’ve just returned from my holiday.

The right URI is “/iui/usecaseui/” because UUI has been registered in MSB by 
this path.


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Any news on the same? This is giving bad publicity to UUI that health-check is 
failing in OOM. Please help us address this.



On Feb 20, 2018, at 12:47 PM, Alexis de Talhouët <adetalhoue...@gmail.com> 


Hi UUI experts,


UUI health-check has been failing on amsterdam for a few weeks now, I could 
find that patch has changed the uri to use https://gerrit.onap.org/r/#/c/28431/

Amsterdam is giving 200 OK for /iui/usecase-ui/ and 502 for /iui/usecaseui/ so 
since this patch came in, it’s failing.

What should be the URI to use for amsterdam for this health-check ?




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