Thank you for suggestions.

Especially link: 

is very useful.
I can see that Vagrant is being used for local development with Virtual Box. 
Unfortunately, VirtaulBox is not a good option for running at machine hosting 
as OS Linux.

What I am still thinking of is something simpler.
I have JDK and Maven available at my machine (having Windows, Linux, Solaris, 
zOS, whatever) so that I am able to execute Maven's goals responsible for 
compilation, testing and packaging of SDC Maven modules.
Now I would like to run SDC locally in order to define PNF of VFN within SDC 

Lets assume I have Apache Tomcat/Jetty available.
I can see that modules:
a) sdc/catalog-be
b) sdc/catalog-fe
generate war modules that can be run on any Java web container, so I think they 
could be good starting points.

So would it be a good idea to focus on mentioned artifacts?
Also from Vagrant file I can see that elasticsearch & cassandra are also needed.


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You can find instructions here:


you can find all the info on SDC here:



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Hey Marcin,

We tried to collect most of the instructions (clone and compile, install 
dependencies, build docker images, etc.) into the vagrant-onap script [1].  
This is its documentation [2], but it’s not covering the configuration and 
installation of the IDE, I suggest to install it manually and use the opt 
folder given that it’s sharing the source code between host and guest computers.


Victor Morales



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Is there any instruction how to setup SDC for development in any IDE?

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