Hi Mahesh,

Work is ongoing to create ONAP External APIs that are compatible with selected 
TM Forum APIs.
The following page<https://wiki.onap.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=3246995>  
lists the TM Forum APIs that will be considered:

*         Service Catalog (TMF633)

*         Service Order (TMF641)

*         Service Inventory (TMF638)

*         Resource Order (TMF652)

*         Service & Resource Activation & Configuration (TMF640)
The first three are being addressed by Ludovic Robert and by the EXTAPI team 
under Andy Meyer for inclusion in the Beijing release. Note that not all API 
operations will be included and as such TMF633 and TMF638 support will be 
See ONAP External API - Northbound API Design -Draft 
 for more details
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Subject: [Onap-arc] Query Regarding ONAP complaince with TMFORUM API;s

Hi Team,

Can anyone please advise is there any way to find out whether ONAP API's are 
complaint with TM FORUM API's? If so to which version?

I am particular interested in following ONAP modules like SDC,SDNC and MSO 
compliance to TMF 633 and TMF 641

Senior Consultant
Infosys Limited

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