Hi, I’m sorry you’re having trouble!  My sincere apologies.  I will try to get 
this addressed, but I’ll need some information to help me track down and fix 
the problem.

First – I believe this is the correct account page, correct?:

I cannot find the corresponding logs that indicate a problem.  Can you give me 
the exact date/time where you had the problem?  Or try to reproduce it, and 
then tell me the exact date/time?  I need more information so that I can 
reproduce and then fix it.

> And also when I try to sign up a new account for CII, I cannot get the 
> account confirmation email.

That one I can explain.  You’ve used your GitHub account to log in, and told us 
the email address.  The system doesn’t let you create a “local” account with 
the exact same email address.  Internally this causes a “Validation failed: 
Email has already been taken” message.  Basically, accounts are of two 
*different* kinds: (1) GitHub-based (and you have to talk with GitHub to deal 
with authentication issues) or (2) local accounts.

We just had some weird problem from a recent change that should be unrelated, 
but perhaps it’s related.  If you can’t repeat the problem, then that probably 
*was* the problem and hopefully it will not happen gain.

Thank you for your time!!

--- David A. Wheeler

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Subject: CII bestpractices login issue


Once I login https://bestpractices.coreinfrastructure.org/ successful with my 
github account several weeks ago, and created my own new project. But I when 
login again today with my github account "nancylizi" have some problems.


And also when I try to sign up a new account for CII, I can not get the account 
confirmation email.

Anybody could help with that?

Thanks a lot,


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