Hello LFN Community Members:

*Given that ONS this year is the first opportunity to get many developers
from our key open source networking projects together, I’d like to map out
what we have planned and invite you to participate in what will surely be a
very productive event with many opportunities for collaborating on a myriad
of technical topics.On Saturday and Sunday (3/24, and 3/25) there is an
Infrastructure and CI/CD workshop held by members of OPNFV, OpenDaylight,
OpenStack, ONAP, FD.io and other communities.  This is a small gathering of
key stakeholders responsible for CI/CD efforts across those projects. This
event is at full registration and is not accepting any additional attendees
at this time. On Sunday (3/25), Monday (3/26) afternoon, and Tuesday (3/27)
morning, the OpenDaylight project is holding their Florine Release
Developer Design Forum (DDF).  Topics for the ODL DDF have been collected
on this wiki page
The agenda for the DDF is being created by members of the ODL TSC and the
sessions will be posted to the ONS Schedule.
format of the ODL DDF is generally: - Sunday - Deep technical topics only
relevant to OpenDaylight Developers- Cross Campus 800 Wilshire Blvd Los
Angeles, CA  90017 Walking directions <https://goo.gl/maps/JLvEQ2ZPPGS2> -
Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning - Follow-on topics from the Sunday
sessions, plus new sessions that are relevant to either other LFN projects,
other downstream open source projects, or end users.  Please keep an eye on
the above wiki page and agenda to track topics that are of interest to
you.Monday morning, the LFN communities will come together for a  series of
joint sessions with topics affecting several if not all of the projects in
LFN.  Topic areas for this portion of the Developer Forum include: - Cross
Project Testing, Integration, CI/CD, documentation tooling, etc.- Open
Standards and LFN Open Source Projects including MEF, IETF, ETSI, and
others.- Container Networking- Virtual Network Functions (VNF) Onboarding,
Lifecycle Management, Testing, etc.- Network Operating Systems (NOSs)- AI &
ML work that is starting to take shapeThe Call for Topics for this portion
of the event is over, but if you’d like to see what was submitted for
consideration, please take a look here
The accepted sessions have been published on the ONS website and can be
found here
If you have a topic that you strongly feel belongs in this section but it’s
not represented, please contact me at pr...@linuxfoundation.org
<pr...@linuxfoundation.org>Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning there are
technical breakout sessions focused on ONAP, OPNFV,  and OpenDaylight (as I
mentioned above). Sessions in these breakouts will be focused on the
current technical discussions occurring within each of those communities.
Within these sessions, we are also encouraging topics that may be of
interest to one or more of the other LFN projects. An example of this would
be ONAP’s use of OpenDaylight and any potential requests those communities
may have of each other regarding future development and/or testing.  In
addition, FD.io is having a Mini Summit during the same time frame.The
Call-For-Topics for these project-focused events are located at the links
below.  Please review these proposals at your earliest opportunity to see
the topics for discussion during this unprecedented event.OpenDaylight
Tuesday morning from 8:00am to 9:00am PDT will be the first Linux
Foundation Networking (LFN) project Technical Advisory Council (TAC) face
to face meeting.  The TAC is a new governance body formed at the creation
of the LFN umbrella project and they are tasked with aiding in the
coordination and cross-collaboration of the open source networking projects
within LFN.  In this meeting the TAC will provide an overview of topics and
decisions since LFN was launched as well as lead a session meant to uncover
and highlight the most important cross-project initiatives that should be
started/continued, funded and tracked as part of our collective 2018 Goals
and Objectives.Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have
questions or comments on this event.  I look forward to seeing everyone in
Los Angeles in two weeks!*
Phil Robb
VP Operations - Networking & Orchestration, The Linux Foundation
(O) 970-229-5949
(M) 970-420-4292
Skype: Phil.Robb
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