Hi All,

I need some help related to ONAP Deployment.
I am trying to deploy ONAP on VMware Integrated OpenStack 4.0 with Kubernetes 
and I have been facing an error with it.

I am using the following for ONAP deployment:

  *   VMware Integrated OpenStack 4.0 with Kubernetes
  *   Helm v2.7.0
  *   Kubectl v1.7.0
  *   ONAP-OOM Repository http://gerrit.onap.org/r/oom

I enabled all the components as true in the oom/kubernetes/onap/values.yaml 
file except the portal component, it was disabled.
During this configuration, the deployment was successful using Helm.

But the problem arises when I enable portal component as true in the yaml file. 
The deployment is unsuccessful and I get the following error:


In the above screenshot, after a successful deployment I am upgrading the 
deployment after enabling the portal component in the yaml file. After that, 
"data: Too Long: ..." error is triggered always, in all the versions of Helm.
I think the portal components is flooding the Kubernetes ConfigMap with large 
amount of data that it is unable to handle.

The kubectl and helm version screenshot is as follows:


I have a few doubts/questions regarding this, they are as follows:

  *   Is this a known issue in ONAP Deployment?
  *   Is the portal component responsible for this error?
  *   Is this an issue related to Helm v2.7.x?
  *   Is this an issue related to Kubectl Version?
  *   Is this caused due to VMware Integrated OpenStack with Kubernetes 4.0?
  *   Is this caused due to lack of RAM in the Master and Worker Node Instances 
? (Right now, each of the instance has 32 vCPUs, 128 GB RAM, 256 GB Size)
  *   If not due to one of the reasons above, then what is the cause of this 

It will be really helpful if someone from the ONAP Community can put some of 
their suggestions on this, or someone who has faced the same issue and knows 
the solutions to this error.

Thank You and Regards,
Pulkit Walia

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