I played a bit with the common/postgres chart, and understand it is a WIP.
But have some questions:

-          Should we expect a common chart to deploy in the same namespace as 
the app requiring  it?

Specifically, I found postgres deploys to default namespace, while my pod 
deployed in onap namespace.

-          Should a service ever deploy to default namespace?  And if this is 
allowed, does it imply that it is a "shared" service (i.e. used by more than 1 
parent chart)?

When I attempted helm install local/onap  I observed several (non-common) 
services, secrets and configmaps all in default namespace.

-          Are there any access rule in Kubernetes that impact the naming 
convention for locating a service in another namespace?

Specifically, I discovered my pod in onap namespace could not connect to host 
"pgset" but it could connect to "pgset.default".  Yet when I asked others if 
this should be necessary, they said no.

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