Hi all,

As I already sent several emails last week in this regard, it is important to 
emphasize that:

1.       We should try to avoid using of private email list distributions, 
while discussing use cases/functional requirements. This way we will allow 
anyone interested to participate in those discussions and support transparency 
of those discussions

2.       As a result, we should use a single list of members onap-usecasesub 
for communicating any information related to all use cases/functional 
requirements discussions

a.       This would also prevent the situations e.g. one we are facing starting 
from the last week, related to Edge Automation requirements, when all emails 
got blocked due to a very long distribution lists plus onap-usecasesub list, 
and I had/have to release those on a permanent basis

3.       All people interested in use cases/functional requirements discussions 
- please subscribe to onap-usecasesub 

Best regards,

Alla Goldner

Open Network Division
Amdocs Technology


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