If the file ended up with defaults then that means no tuning was done at all.
It is a good question.  Perhaps we should start a library of these for the 
environments in the windriver lab in the integration git repo.
Right now each person who is responsible for installing/upgrading the 
environment has config parameters stored locally.
We have some sample files here that can be used as a base in the oom git repo:

If you want to unblock yourself you can do this to tweak robot now:

helm upgrade dev local/onap --namespace onap --set 

helm upgrade dev local/onap --namespace onap --set 

Or create a file with the params like in my robot example for SB06 and just use 
the same command above except for the --set you would use a -f SB06-values.yaml

The vm_properties file will be updated without a container restart.

From: "FREEMAN, BRIAN D" <bf1...@att.com>
Date: Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 5:03 PM
To: Mandeep Khinda <mandeep.khi...@amdocs.com>, "'onap-discuss@lists.onap.org'" 
Subject: RE: [onap-discuss] [OOM] - correct vm_properties in SB06

So.... what file was used when Michael et al created SB06 ? Seems like I should 
edit that file and do a helm upgrade in SB06 ?

Where should these be stored in environment so we can edit the file in one 
place for corrections like this that would span re-installs ?


From: Mandeep Khinda [mailto:mandeep.khi...@amdocs.com]
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To: FREEMAN, BRIAN D <bf1...@att.com>; 'onap-discuss@lists.onap.org' 
Subject: Re: [onap-discuss] [OOM] - correct vm_properties in SB06

It is a currently a configmap in the robot chart and isn’t visible on an 
external mount anymore – it is injected into the container only.
The values can be set dynamically at helm install/upgrade through -f 
values.yaml or --set 
GLOBAL_INJECTED_KEYSTONE = "{{ .Values.openStackKeyStoneUrl }}"

For example, I have a file called dev-env.yaml with this content for my own 

  enabled: true
  demoArtifactsVersion: "1.2.0-SNAPSHOT"
  openStackPrivateNetCidr: ""
  openStackFlavourMedium: "m1.medium"
  openStackPublicNetId: "5a88ca9c-7fbb-4232-8d8e-46b53e492de9"
  openStackPrivateNetId: "e8f51956-00dd-4425-af36-045716781ffc"
  openStackOamNetworkCidrPrefix: "10.10.10"
  openStackEncryptedPassword: "2fa2266344b4caaca1eba8264d277831"
  openStackRegion: "RegionOne"
  openStackPrivateSubnetId: "5a3602a5-d708-4096-942d-db741031ade1"
  openStackTenantId: "47899782ed714295b1151681fdfd51f5"
  openStackUserName: "dev"
  ubuntuImage: "Ubuntu_14.04.5_LTS"

This will override the defaults found in the robot chart’s values.yaml which is 
where your is coming from.

We can spend some time on this in the integration meeting tomorrow if you like.


 on behalf of "FREEMAN, BRIAN D" <bf1...@att.com<mailto:bf1...@att.com>>
Date: Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 4:39 PM
To: "'onap-discuss@lists.onap.org'" 
Subject: [onap-discuss] [OOM] - correct vm_properties in SB06

Vm_properties.py in SB06 arent right. Openstack is pointing to 

I cant find where the mounted file is – it doesnt seem to be under dockernfs ?

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