Since 9 AM EDT GME-5 there has been slowdown issues with nexus3 docker 

    The effect of this has been that it takes longer for the system to come up 
- an increase from 35-45 to 60+ min.
    A secondary effect of this slowdown is that robot healthcheck will 
experience multiple timeouts on unhealthly containers - which will in some 
cases run to a total of 14 min.
    Therefore I am adjusting both the time to wait for a system to come up to 
80 min and reduce the number of warming healthcheck runs from 3 to 2. So we can 
continue to fit in a 2 hour timeslot.
     With the new helm root values.yaml we can swap out the docker repo for a 
local one - we are also testing this as a workaround.

     Currently there are issues with 7 containers causing 13 others to pend in 
the init state.
     There is one image pull issue with smsdb-0 that is a wrong image tag and 
not related to the nexus3 slowdown - See OOM-902

     Some days works fine and pulls take around 30 min
     Other days like today pulls take over 90 min.
     Perhaps we can institute a network throughput page on nexus3 to help track 

    Thank you

Michael O'Brien
Amdocs Technology

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