the INFO.yaml file in aai/aai-config is syntactically invalid, as are
several others. I figured I'd just fix this, but my review was rejected
because the repo is marked as read only:

$ git review

Could not connect to gerrit.

Enter your gerrit username: mikal

Trying again with ssh://mi...@gerrit.onap.org:29418/aai/aai-config.git

Creating a git remote called "gerrit" that maps to:


This repository is now set up for use with git-review. You can set the

default username for future repositories with:

  git config --global --add gitreview.username "mikal"

Your change was committed before the commit hook was installed.

Amending the commit to add a gerrit change id.

remote: Processing changes: refs: 1, done

To ssh://mi...@gerrit.onap.org:29418/aai/aai-config.git

 ! [remote rejected] HEAD -> refs/publish/master (project is read only)

error: failed to push some refs to 'ssh://

Having valid YAML in these info files would be useful to me as I starting
to write simple scripts that try to use this information. Is there any path
to getting these files fixed?


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