Hi All,

In order to plan for the proper Platform Maturity (S3P) requirements and 
levels for Casablanca, we would like to gather feedback from the 
community.  You can provide feedback a number of ways:

Add your comments to this wiki page: 
Attend the S3P feedback session at the Architecture session in Vancouver 
on Wednesday: 
E-mail me (djh...@us.ibm.com) using the questions below as a guideline
Request me to attend your project meeting to give your feedback

We will consolidate feedback, share with the community, and use it to 
define the appropriate requirements and levels in Casablanca.

We welcome feedback from all, but especially:

Project Teams (PTL or representative)
ONAP Operators

As a reminder, the Beijing requirements can be found at 
https://wiki.onap.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=15998867 .  The summary 
of priorities and levels are at 

Project Team Feedback Requested

The type of feedback we would welcome from project teams includes:

What worked well in Beijing?
What could be improved?
Where could you use help in platform, tools, education?
Specific feedback on any particular requirement areas?

Operator Feedback Requested

>From operators, we would welcome the following feedback:

Which platform maturity requirement areas are important to you in 
implementing ONAP?
Are there requirements not currently included that you would like to see 

Thank you for your feedback!

Jason Hunt 
Distinguished Engineer, IBM 

Phone: 314-749-7422
Email: djh...@us.ibm.com
Twitter: @DJHunt

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