Hi Alexis,

The payload for ConfigModify that you used is not correct.  AgentUrl has to be 
present in Device Authentication Table rather than in the Payload. Below is one 


To Answer your next question for CDT’s PD. Here is the sample for PD:

kind: "Property Definition"
version: V1
- name: vnf_name
  type: null
  description: null
  required: null
  default: null
  source: Manual
  rule-type: null
  request-keys: null
response-keys: null

and one payload for Anisble:

          "PlaybookName": "comx/latest/ansible/modify/site.yml",
          "EnvParameters": {"vnf_instance": "${vnf_name}"},
          "Timeout": 3600


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Greetings team,

I’m trying to use the ConfigModify action using the ANSIBLE “device protocol” 
within CDT.
I’m trying to execute my REST API from Postman to APP-C. I’m using the bellow 
I cannot get around this error:
org.onap.ccsdk.sli.core.sli.SvcLogicException: Error constructing request for 
execution of playbook due to missing mandatory parameters. Reason = Ansible: 
Mandatory AnsibleAdapter key AgentUrl not found in parameters provided by 
calling agent !

I do see AnsibleMessageParser#reqMessage is enforcing few parameters, final 
String[] mandatoryTestParams = {AGENT_URL_KEY, PLAYBOOK_NAME_KEY, USER_KEY, 
but I don’t know how to input them...

Can you help me understand what’s the expected payload for this REST API?

On another note, what is the expected template and parameter definition when 
using Ansible within CDT?


    "input": {
        "common-header": {
            "timestamp": "2018-06-11T17:42:14.227Z",
            "api-ver": "2.00",
            "originator-id": "ALEX",
            "request-id": "TEST-6",
            "sub-request-id": "TEST-2",
            "flags": {
                "force": "TRUE",
                "ttl": 12000
        "action": "ConfigModify",
        "action-identifiers": {
            "vnf-id": "8ef725b6-f94a-4596-89b1-d6810ca9d6f0"
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