Hi, Your issue is most likely Load balancer (service) related.
   Kubadm does not ship with a default --type=LoadBalancer
   The rancher RI for ONAP Kubernetes deployment ships with a built in load 
balancer – portal is the only LB service currently in ONAP.  Without this load 
balancer you would need to manually configure your own native load balancer – 
like a classic ELB (non-ALB) in Amazon AWS for example.

   Since you are using kubeadm to run your kubernetes cluster instead of the 
Rancher 1.6.14/1.6.18 RI – I would expect that the lack of a configured LB 
would not distribute the request to the proper nodeport on a particular VM on 
your cluster
   I have raised a doc issue on this – to get this documented

   A good way to test whether any portal issue is LB related - would be to 
expose the built in Grafana (Thanks Mandeep for pointing this out) – monitoring 
service as a LoadBalancer
   In this case the LB service will navigate to the port (just like portal 
would) regardless of which node I launch from master0-8


# expose the nodeport
kubectl expose -n kube-system deployment monitoring-grafana --type=LoadBalancer 
--name monitoring-grafana-client
service "monitoring-grafana-client" exposed
# get the nodeport pod is running on
kubectl get services --all-namespaces -o wide | grep graf
kube-system   monitoring-grafana          ClusterIP    <none> 
                             7d        k8s-app=grafana
kube-system   monitoring-grafana-client   LoadBalancer                           3000:32628/TCP                           
                                    15s       k8s-app=grafana,task=monitoring
# get the cluster vm DNS name
ubuntu@ip-10-0-0-169:~$ kubectl get pods --all-namespaces -o wide | grep graf
kube-system   monitoring-grafana-997796fcf-7kkl4                                
1/1       Running            0          5d    

From: M, UdhayaChandran <udhayachandra...@verizon.com>
Sent: Wednesday, July 11, 2018 10:26 AM
To: Michael O'Brien <frank.obr...@amdocs.com>
Subject: ONAP_OOM Portal

Hi Micheal,

Good day,

I am trying to bring up Portal alone as a standalone component using OOM with 

All the pods are up and running, but i could see the services of portal-app 
external_ip's to be in the pending state.

when i tried to bring up Portal using Rancher, the external Ip is getting 
allocated, and works good.

Kindly let me know, do i need to configure any external settings to make the 
portal-app to assign external-ip's.

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