In new ONAP project we have couple of problems related to CI:

  1.  Docker image of java-10-slim is missing on Onaps Nexus
  2.  Creation and configuration of Jenkins plan 
"dcaegen2-master-verify-csit-hv-ves-testsuites", CI RT ticket 59311
  3.  Adding HV-VES to Kibana charts, CI RT ticket 59233

First to items are blocking us with development. Could you share idea how to 
proceed with that?

For a resolution of item number 3 we could patiently wait.

I will be thankful for your help.

Pozdrawiam / Best Regards,

Kornel Janiak

Engineer, Java Software Development


Lotnicza 12, 54-155 Wroclaw (West Gate)

M: (+48) 660 627 292

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