Thanks Yan. Can you please help in understanding the below follow-up points ?

  *   If vf-c catalog parses and uses the real csar, why SDC-1900 ( image 
artifact issue) impacted this use case ?
  *   In case we don’t add real csar, can this orchestration still work based 
on SDC based csar?
  *   In case of S-VNFM if we just upload the real csar in VF-C catalog, can 
NSLCM still parse the csar and fetch details like VDU etc which may be required 
in grant procedure ?
  *   If we add the real csar as an artifact, SDC uploaded csar model is just a 
dummy and not used at all in the orchestration ( apart from retrieving the real 
csar in vf-c catalog ) ?
  *   Do we have volte csars working in the Casablanca release ?

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Hi Mandeep,

Please see my reply inline. Thanks.

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I found that in the vCPE tosca use case, real csar is put as an artifact on SDC 
alongside the onap compatible VNFD.
Have the below questions on the same ::

  *   Question is since vCPE tosca case uses G-VNFM for instantiation, does it 
use sdc distributed csar or the real csar for orchestration?
               G-VNFM now uses the real csar for instantiation

  *   Does VF-C catalog onboards both csar’s separately or only the SDC 
distributed one which contains the real csar ?
We support two path:
If we found the SDC distributed csar  contains the real csar under specified 
directory , it will get the real csar  and store.
If the SDC distributed csar doesn’t contains real csar , it will onboard SDC 

  *   In case of specific vnfm, the real csar is passed to vendor VNFM as is ?
The VNFM can get the real csar from VF-C catalog.



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