as discussed during the PTL meeting, we want to improve the security of ONAP.
We integrate security tests in CI.

One of the security tests deal with the scanning of exposed HTTP port
Lots of work has been done to move to HTTPS but some ports stil remain.
Some exceptions are already know (AAF-FS) but not for all

the current list of open port is

robot                          30209/tcp  open      http            lighttpd    
portal-sdk                     30212/tcp  open      http            Apache      
   Tomcat            8.5.35
portal-app                     30215/tcp  open      http            Apache      
   Tomcat            8.5.35
message-router                 30227/tcp  open      http            Jetty       
dmaap-bc                       30241/tcp  open      http            Jetty       
log-kibana                     30253/tcp  open      http            
Elasticsearch  Kibana            5.5.0
log-es                         30254/tcp  open      http            
Elasticsearch  REST              API          5.5.0      (name:     G6iV3ZX;  
cluster:  onap-log;  Lucene  6.6.0)
dmaap-dr-prov                  30259/tcp  open      http            Jetty       
cli                            30260/tcp  open      http            lighttpd    
consul-server-ui               30270/tcp  open      http            HashiCorp   
   Consul            service      discovery  httpd
sniro-emulator                 30288/tcp  open      http            Jetty       
refrepo                        30297/tcp  open      http            Apache      
   Tomcat            8.5.30
uui                            30398/tcp  open      http            Apache      
   Tomcat            9.0.19
config-binding-service         30415/tcp  open      http            Ajenti      
   http              control      panel
dashboard                      30418/tcp  open      http            Apache      
   Tomcat            8.5.41
netbox-nginx                   30420/tcp  open      http            nginx
music-tomcat                   30476/tcp  open      http            Apache      
   Tomcat            8.5.50
cds-blueprints-processor-http  30499/tcp  open      rtsp
aaf-fs                         31115/tcp  open      http            Jetty       

Could you check if you need an exception, ot if these ports can be closed?

Thanks for your feedback



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