I initiated a wiki page referencing the different simulators/emulators used by 
the use cases.

Please note that it is just a draft..and some simulators are more or less 

Initially all the simulators were put in the integration repo.
For Frankfurt, in order to avoid putting everything in the same place, which 
become unmanageable, we created a structure to welcome simulators: 
integration/simulators/* and the use cases integration/usecases/*.
It is a PoC for frankfurt with 1 simu and 1 use case but we may refactor 
integration in G to highlight simulators that could be reused by other use 
cases (rather than systematically recreate tooling).

You can find a new RAN simulator introduced for Frankfurt in 
you can get the contact from the code contributors .
Priyadharshini created a documentation 
feel free to provide feedback


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Hi Borislav,
   It has been a while since you posted the question, I hope you would have 
found your answers by now.
I am looking for something similar (VNF simulators for 5G RAN/Core). If you 
found something can you please share it.

Any more links/documentation on ONAP 5G setup would be of immense help to me.

thank you in advance,
-RP Mishra

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Hello ONAP community,

In order to implement 5G Network Slicing Use-Case we would like to do both 
Modeling and Orchestration of a network slice (Please find details 
We (the 5G use case subcommittee) are in search of VNFs / simulators for 5G RAN 
and 5G Core.
If you happen to have access to such and can contribute them to be used in 
ONAP, it will enable the implementation of this use case, which is an important 
and much spoken use case in 5G.

Borislav Glozman
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