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CHANGE: all ONAP Groups.io calendars have been set to "Public can view,
members can view and edit" unless the calendar is specifically identified as
disabled in the Moderator "sticky-post" for the  list.  This means that the
previous restrictions on who can edit a community calendar have been


REASON FOR CHANGE:  This has been done to remove bottlenecks and give
committee members, PTLs and community members more flexibility and control
over their own meetings.


IMPACT: MEETING OWNERS:  You are now responsible for maintaining your own
meeting entries on the calendar.

Instructions can be found in this section of the FAQ:


NOTE: Our ONAP zoom bridge management policies still remain in effect!!!
NEVER change the time or day of ANY meeting in groups.io without first
confirming your currently assigned Zoom bridge is available for the newly
proposed day/time!!! 





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