Hi Alla and team,


As you might already note, there is a wiki page that integration team
maintains for usecase related Q&A.

It would be great to have it review and utilized as a track list for
remaining issues.





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Hi all,


Here is agenda for tomorrow’s Use case subcommittee meeting. R1 use cases
are of highest priority. We must see if/what is needed to complete use cases
interactions with a different projects this week. 

We will start going over R2 use case only if time permits.

PTLs of a different projects, please indicate before tomorrow’s meeting if
additional clarifications on R1 use cases are needed.


Please upload your suggested R2 use cases
https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Release+2+Use+Cases, so we can start some
offline discussions as well.


1.      R1 use cases (vCPE and vVoLTE): Status, Open issues, required
actions (use cases leaders: vCPE: Kang Xi/Yoav Kluger/Jon Fannar, vVoLTE:
Yang Xe/Chengli Wang/Lingli Deng)
2.      R2 use cases: the initial proposals (list of those mentioned by a
different related email exchanges is here): 

a.      Network Function Change Management
b.      Enterprise vCPE
c.      SD-WAN
d.      SD-LAN
e.      5G

                                                               i.      RAN

                                                             ii.      E2E
Network Slicing

3.      AOB


For your information:


1.      No comments were received for Use case subcommittee flow of
operation as documented here
2.      Meetings were held discussing use cases implementation with a
different projects. We will go over status of those meetings. List of points
from the last week is as following:

a.      vCPE: 

                                                               i.      Still
under discussion?: 

1.      DCAE/Intel discussion to close packets’ format (please involve Alok
Gupta per his request) 
2.      Interactions with SDC will be further clarified AG> Status. 
3.      SDN-C functional extension will be discussed with SDN-C team 

Meeting with SDN-C/SDC/SO covering vCPE service model by Gil Bullard is
scheduled for this Tuesday (relates to points 2 and 3 from the list above)

                                                           iii.      Brian
Freeman started experimenting with onboarding a vCPE VNF with generic unix
machine  heat templates


b.      vVoLTE

                                                               i.      There
is request to include model which drives the use case in the vVolTE use case

                                                             ii.      A
question on whether vIMS+vEPC is enforced as a single request coming from SO
(i.e. as a single network service or not). It was clarified that it is up to
implementation, as VF-C can support it both ways. The corresponding
clarification should be included in the use case description

                                                           iii.      Still
under discussion?: 

1.      SDC for design time functionality
2.      SDN-C interaction with 3rd party controller
3.      For overlay �C whether Openstack or hardware will be used �C
discussions with Brian Freeman are initiated


3.      Following doodle poll results, I sent dedicated mail yesterday. We
are moving to weekly meetings.


Best regards, 


Alla Goldner


Open Network Division 

Amdocs Technology




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