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Sender:  <kp...@linuxfoundation.org>
To:  <onap-tsc@lists.onap.org>
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Date: 2017/07/15 08:05
Subject: [onap-tsc] TSC Members- Action Required Approval of changes to 
thePortal Platform Project

In an effort to try and minimize the level of email traffic on this list this 
approval was originally attempted this as a CIVS poll. Unfortunately quorum was 
not achieved.

As such I’m falling back to an email vote to provide members that did not 
participate the opportunity to do so.

From the TSC Charter:
3.2.2 CommitterLifecycle3.2.2.1 Adding CommittersInitial Committers for a 
project will be specified at project creation

Committer rights for a project are earned via contribution and community trust. 
Committers for a project select and vote for new Committers for that project, 
subject to TSC approval.

New Committers for a project should have a demonstrable established history of 
meritocratic contributions. 

TSC approval is requested for the following changes to the ONAP Portal Platform 
Project: https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/Portal+Platform+Project 
        - Add "Sunder Tatta”(sta...@research.att.com) as a committer (Only a 
single committer currently on the project) 

        - Add a new repository “portal/sdk”

I approve the committer addition (Vote +1, 0, -1)       

I approve the repository addition (Vote +1, 0, -1)
Votes already cast are all in favor of approving both the committer and 
repository additions.


Best Regards, -kennyKenny Paul,  Technical Program 
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