Hi Kenny,

According to pre-Email, since ESR has been approved as a sub project of AAI and 
the original committers from AAI may not that clear about the code of ESR. So I 
hope  Qi Sun and I could be added as committers of AAI and have the authority 
to review the ESR code. And Jimmy(PTL of AAI) has approved it (for the email 
you can search the topic "A&AI ESR subproject" from Jimmy).

Generally, According to the principle how long the cycle would be for TSC 
members to vote? I still found that Qi Sun and I have not been authorized as 
committer for ESR repository.  I know you have cast a vote for it. Does the 
committers grant for AAI/ESR have been approved? As said this thing is very 
urgent and important for AAI/ESR team. It may block AAI to pass M2.




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There continues to be confusion about adding Committers to an approved Project. 
Obviously this has not been effectively communicated, so my apologies for doing 
a poor job on this. To remove any ambiguity the TSC Charter does not permit the 
direct appointment of new Committers after a Project has been approved by the 
TSC.  The ability to add a committer is not in the hands of an individual TSC 
member, the PTL or company management it is the responsibility of the 
Committers approved for the Project.Committers can be added/removed from an 
non-approved Project proposal as needed.  
Once the Project proposal is approved, and the Project thereby “Created", the 
TSC Charter’s Section 3.2.2  must be followed with regard to the "Committer 
At this point the committer list contained within the approved Project 
proposal, whatever that list may be, is locked. The approved version of the 
proposal is the only Committer list the LF will work from when setting up 
repositories and granting Committer permissions.
Section 3.2.2 of the TSC Charter puts forth the requirements for adding a new 
Committer to an approved Project:  Adding Committers                    
  Initial Committers for a project will be specified at project creation       
          Committer rights for a project are earned via contribution and 
community trust. Committers for a project select and vote for new Committers 
for that project, subject to TSC approval.
                        New Committers for a project should have a demonstrable 
established history of meritocratic contributions.

Documentation of the above in the form of an email thread or published meeting 
minutes is required before the new Committer will be forwarded to the TSC for 
conformation.Similarly a Committer also cannot simply be removed from a Project 
after it has been approved.   Again Section 3.2.2 of the TSC Charter provides 
the guidance under how and when a Committer can/should be removed from an 
approved Project:   Removing Committers
                        A Committer may voluntarily resign from a project by 
making a public request to the PTL to resign (via the project and ONAP-TSC 
email lists).

                        A Committer for a project who is disruptive, or has 
been inactive on that project for an extended period (e.g., six or more months) 
may have his or her Committer status revoked by the project's Project Technical 
Leader (PTL) or by 2/3 super-majority vote of the project's committers.

                        The Project Technical Leader is responsible for 
informing the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) of any committers who are 
removed or resign via the ONAP-TSC email list.

                        Former committers removed for reasons other than being 
disruptive may be listed as "Emeritus Committers".  That title expresses 
gratitude for their service, but conveys none of the privileges of being a 
I have created a brief wiki page Adding/Removing Committers to a Project for 
future reference, but as always the TSC Charter has the final word on the 

Hopefully this helps to clarify this topic.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best Regards, -kennyKenny Paul,  Technical Program 
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