I like the updated wording, and agree that this belongs as a policy (not in the 
charter).  One slight quibble is that you use the word “recommend” in the 
second sentence and “requirement” in the fourth.  I think we should be 
consistent. My personal preference is for recommendation.


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Hello ONAP TSC Members:

We should close on this topic in the near future.  To that end, please consider 
this an attempt to get an email dialog going that will hopefully lead to us 
voting on what to say and where to put it.

From discussions that we've had... and I'm sure some level of personal bias 
from me, I suggest the following as a Policy (not part of the TSC-Charter) to 
be posted on the TSC Policies and Guidelines Page:

Leadership Diversity Policy
We as a community wish to foster a breadth of knowledgeable and engaged 
leaders, as well as ensure an ongoing diverse set of viewpoints across the ONAP 
Project.  In support of this goal, we recommend that a single individual should 
not hold more than one Chair, or Vice Chair position concurrently on the TSC  
and all other TSC Subcommittees.  There may be situations warranting an 
exception to this policy.  On a case-by-case basis the TSC may determine to 
waive this requirement as appropriate.

Please let me know what you think... and/or suggest alternate wording.



On Tue, Aug 1, 2017 at 4:33 PM, Christopher Donley (Chris) 
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I agree that this topic would be more appropriate as a TSC policy than as text 
in the Charter.


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Thanks Kenny for assembling this text and to the contributors for inputing.

As a general question to all, given that these appear to read as guidelines, - 
do we want to include them in a charter; or create a TSC policy document where 
we can capture such things and others (i.e. information for decision should be 
submitted x days in advance).

The advantage of including the update in the charter is that it would be more 
consistant.  The advantage with a separate TSC policy document is that we 
separate guidelines from mechanisms.

Best Regards,


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Subject: [onap-tsc] Leadership Diversity Language

TSC Members,

Please find for your discussion and review the slide contents around Leadership 
Diversity from last week’s TSC meeting. It was recommended that this may be 
better adopted as a policy, rather than as an amendment to the TSC Charter.

Leadership Diversity Intent
We as the ONAP community, should identify and train talents to help promote 
leadership diversity within projects, subcommittees, etc.
•Develop a broad base of community leaders from many backgrounds
•Instill a sense of trust and openness to multiple view points
•Ensure an adequate representation of the community
•Distribute responsibilities in a scalable fashion
•Allow exceptions where appropriate to keep both the community and project 
moving forward

Leadership Diversity Meaning
•An individual can either be in any of these leadership positions:
-the TSC Chair/Vice-Chair
-a Subcommittee Chair/Vice-Chair
-a Community Coordinator
-a PTL
•No individual should hold more than one of those roles unless the TSC deems 
there is either a high level of merit in doing so, or no reasonable alternative.
•A logical location in the TSC Charter for introducing this language would be 
in Section 1: Guiding Principles
NOTE: It was pointed out that a number of sections within the charter would 
need to be changed if Section 1 was used.

Leadership Diversity Language
1.3  Leadership Diversity
  1.3.1  Any one person should only be allowed to hold a single office at a 
time, inclusive of TSC, Subcommittee, Coordinator and PTL positions.
  1.3.2  Exceptions can be made by the TSC for someone to hold multiple 
positions if there are insufficient candidates available for a position, or in 
cases where doing so would be bring high value to the project.

Best Regards,

Kenny Paul,  Technical Program Manager

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