Dear PTLs,

According to the Beijing Release 
 Thursday, March 8 is the Beijing M3 API 
It is expected that PTL fills out a copy of the M3 API Freeze 
 in their project workspace.

I would like to highlight the most important item is related to this question 
"Has the Project team reviewed the APIs with the Architecture Committee (ARC)?"
As Chris suggested in former PTL and TSC meetings, bring your design-API 
related work to ARC meeting for review.

As you progress in this exercise, I will review the M3 artifacts and provide a 
summary to the community during TSC Meeting on Thursday, March 8. If you have 
any questions or concerns please reach out, I will be glad to help.


Gildas Lanilis
ONAP Release Manager
Santa Clara CA, USA<>
Mobile: 1 415 238 6287

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