Hi Dan,

Thank-you for the clarification.  When going over the status of my review with 
the security sub-committee I received a question that made me realize that I 
couldn’t quite answer, so I have a follow-up question.

The sdnc-oam is in gerrit so it is downloadable, however from the description 
below it is not included in SDNC when it is instantiated with OOM – is that 

Could any of the vulnerabilities allow malicious code to be created as an 
output of the dgbuilder and find their way into SDNC as part of a DG?  The 
vulnerabilities that subject dgbuilder to DDoS wouldn’t but potential malicious 
code insertion could ….



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The dgbuilder is a design time tool.  We use it to create and update the 
directed graphs, which then get stored in Gerrit and managed from there as 
source code.

Eventually we’d like to support using the dgbuilder as an editor integrated 
with SDC at run time to update and deploy new versions of directed graphs – 
especially to allow rapid deployment of patches.  However, in its current form, 
dgbuilder is really only appropriate as a design time tool.


Dan Timoney

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Subject: Review of SDC known vulnerability Analysis

Hi Dan,

Thank-you for the report on the SDC known vulernabilities - 

For most of the impacts it states that low risk – only occurs in design tool 
(dgbuilder).  How is this tool used by SDNC?  Is it used in the runtime 
environment, or can it be called in the run-time environment?

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