Thank you for the update. Please update the vulnerability analysis for CLI at 
 with this information.

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Hi Amy,

Pls find my answers inline and let me know if additional details required. 

Kanagaraj M
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Hi Kanagaraj,
I was reviewing the CLI known vulnerability analysis – thank-you for providing 

1.       You stated that the use of the commons-codec library in commons-codec 
is a False Positive because it is not a direct dependency and is caused via 3rd 
party library dependency.

•         How did you test this in CLI?

[Kanagaraj M]  This library is used by http-client, which is used at the 
back-end of cli project. As part of the build, this is being iterated when 
cli-vlidation project validates all Beijing clis.

•         What package is using commons-codec?

[Kanagaraj M] dependency libaray: httpclient 4.3.5

Used by: cli-validation artifact

•         Is there a version of this package that uses the most recent version 
of commons-codec (1.11 released in 2017)? Version 1.6 of commons-codec was 
released in 2011.

[Kanagaraj M] Yes, but CLI does not directly use this library.

2.       The CVE for jline 1.8 indicates that the vulnerability is in hawtjni.

•         How did you test that 
hawtjni-runtime/src/main/java/org/fusesource/hawtjni/runtime/  is 
not used in jline?

[Kanagaraj M] Jline is 3rd party library used in CLI at the console access 
level where no programming level access is possible. And For attacker, they 
need access /tmp for this vulnerability. In ONAP, we provide the console level 
access over the browser, where there is no possibility for accessing the file 
system .
Thanks so much,

​​​​​Amy Zwarico, LMTS
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