Hi Ranny,

Thanks for the question – it is indeed a good topic to discuss.  When looking 
about balancing the objectives of the desired outcome, the reasoning was that a 
company cap (I now see there is a proposal to reduce this from 2 to 1) and 
allowing anyone to self-nominate would open up for such consideration.  If we 
have a cap of 2, that would be minimum 8 companies; if we go for the proposal 
of a cap of 1 that would be 15 companies which would indeed allow for a good 



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Chris and Steve,

Thanks for the time and effort put into this proposal.

One thing I do not see in the proposal is explanation of the “Support operators 
with high interest in ONAP (regardless of development resources involved) to be 
active in the TSC” item from the first slide. Reading the next slides it seems 
that only active contributors will be able to vote, so there is no guarantee 
operators who did not contribute yet will get a seat at the TSC. Would you care 
to elaborate on this please?



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Dear TSC,

Steve Terrill and I have put together a proposal to transition the TSC to its 
“steady state” by June 30, as required in the ONAP Technical Charter.  We have 
tried to incorporate feedback from previous TSC discussions on this topic, and 
are proposing a structure that encourages diversity of companies and roles, 
while recognizing contributions in the community and interested operators who 
may have joined later, but who want to take an active role in ONAP.  See 

Under our proposal, the TSC will be composed of 15 elected representatives, 
with a cap of no more than two people per company.  Anyone who is interested 
may run for a seat on the TSC.  Voters in the election will consist of people 
who have been active in the community over the previous six month period, as 
demonstrated by one or more of {code contributions, code reviews, lira ticket 
submissions, readthedocs, wiki (pages or file uploads), or subcommittee 

We are interested in feedback on our proposal (including community feedback), 
and would like to discuss this on tomorrow’s TSC call.

Chris & Steve

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