Hi all,

Thanks to all meeting's attendants!

Here is the meeting's summary:

1.       Agreed that we have time till end of April to discuss E2E use case 
candidates for Casablanca, which will be followed by formal approval

a.       All approvals will be conditional pending final functional 
requirements extraction and generalization, and agreements on 
functionality/assigned resources with each one of involved projects

b.      Approvals will also be based on input received from a group of ONAP 
Service Providers regarding their deployment requirements

2.       Use case description should be as full as possible e.g. not only "5G" 
but "5G Network slicing" with initial flows, potential involved companies, 
business need description etc.

a.       The target is to have eventually all generalized functional 
requirements defined by the same template as created and used for HPA: 

3.       Next week's meeting will be dedicated to 5G related use cases 
discussions and what can realistically go into Casablanca scope, specifically
 a. PNF support (whatever is not covered in Beijing)
  b. Optimization and OOF
  c. Network slicing
  d. Edge Automation

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Alla Goldner

Open Network Division
Amdocs Technology


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