Hi PTLs,

RC0 Release candidate 0 review for Beijing Release is coming and will be hold 
this Thursday, April 19 at 7 am PDT during the weekly TSC Meeting.
Please make it possible to join the bridge or send out a delegate. TSC may have 
questions on which we expect timely responses.

1.       As usual, please make a copy and fill out the RC0 
 I would appreciate if you could fill it out by COB on Tuesday, April 17. Early 
is even better so we have time to clarify items (if necessary).

2.       Focus on the following items:

a.       Passing the Jenkins Health 

b.      Jenkins Daily Job<https://jenkins.onap.org/view/Daily-Jobs/>

c.       Jenkins CSIT<https://jenkins.onap.org/view/CSIT/>

d.      Closing any item from previous milestones

Let me know if you have any question, I will be glad to help.


Gildas Lanilis
ONAP Release Manager
Santa Clara CA, USA
Mobile: 1 415 238 6287

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