I don't understand the decision to change the SDN-R term after the several 
discussions in the 5G and SDN-R groups
using this term to describe the single ONAP OA&M controller persona (derived 
from CC-SDK) for mobility and wireless PNF/VNFs.
The reasons were articulated in the discussions. There has been momentum in 
using the SDN-R term, and changing it to SDN-C now causes confusion.



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Subject: [Onap-usecasesub] The summary of Usecase subcommittee meeting 
14/05/2017 - Casablanca use cases/functional requirements endorsement

Hi all,

Here is the summary of our yesterday’s meeting.
Thanks to all meeting participants!

1.       We have fully endorsed the following use cases/functional requirements:

a.       OSAM

b.      Auto Scaling out

c.       Consistent representation and identification of a cloud region in ONAP

d.      Edge Automation through ONAP

2.       5G group of functional requirements is endorsed, with the following 

a.       Terminology of SDN-R will be replaced by SDN-C, while it will be 
clarified what is the functionality of the SDN-C sub-module (used to be called 
SDN-R) to cover necessary enhancements

b.      SON and slice optimization topics will be re-discussed till next 
Monday’s Usecase subcommittee meeting by all interested parties. There are 
concerns expressed by Cisco (Vladimir Yanover) which require additional 
discussions. We will monitor their progress and see if consensus is achieved or 
this issue needs to be raised and decided by the TSC

3.       Casablanca’s HPA and Change Management authors – please upload your 
proposals under<>.
 We will discuss them next Monday

4.       Cross Domain and Cross Layer VPN Service was presented for the first 
time yesterday. Some comments were received. Team will update according to the 
comments received and we will continue our discussion next Monday as well. 
Also, the team has asked for additional volunteering companies to participate 
in this development (please approach Lingli and Lin in case of interest)

Best regards,

Alla Goldner

Open Network Division
Amdocs Technology


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