Hi Alla,


The topic of having the Release Manage as part of the TSC has been brought up 
previously although it was not included in the survey. I added it as a 
recommendation because it is the appropriate given both the importance of a 
Release Manager to the health of the Community and the level of engagement 
required by that position.


As far as the "When" goes, as was agreed at the TSC meeting a couple weeks back 
that discussion does not happen until the TSC composition is settled. I'm not 
sharing that data until the first order of business is addressed.





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Hi Kenny,


Thanks a lot for sharing this!


I have 2 related questions:

I see one proposal for exception “*Make the job role of “Release Manager”, 
which is an elected position, a TSC seat”. Have we ever discussed this? I don’t 
remember this being part of the survey
If I remember correctly, there were also questions related to timing of 
elections – e.g. now, after Casablanca etc. I don’t see this reflected in the 
survey results.

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