Hi folks,

I'm happy to finally reveal a project I've been working on for a few months:


The gist of Puccini:

1) Very fast and full-featured stateless TOSCA compiler
2) Targets Kubernetes directly (more targets to come)
3) Finally introduces an "intermediary format" for TOSCA, called "Clout"

For ONAP, I humbly suggest that it could provide 1) a way to deploy
containerized VNFs while staying entirely in TOSCA and CSAR, and 2) a
possible alternative to Helm in order to minimize the number of modeling
languages in the project. Or neither! This is not an official proposal,
just the beginning of a discussion that with hopefully expand our
imagination on ways to solve some thorny architectural problems.

I'll be presenting it in Beijing next week, but will be happy to answer
questions here, too.

Also, to be clear: this is *not* an official or endorsed Red Hat project.

For a comparison with AriaTosca, see this message
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