Dear DCAE Committers,

I would like to nominate myself for the role of Project Technical Lead (PTL) 
for DCAE project.

I have 15+ year experience in Software design and development, mainly in 
Telecom. I’ve been working in DCAE in ECOMP for last 4 years supporting 
multiple applications and service assurance flows. I’ve been active 
committer/contributor to ONAP DCAE project since it was approved last year; 
have been actively engaged on DCAE project activities/deliverables for both 
Amsterdam and Beijing release and also been coordinating for Casablanca.

I’m committed in enhancing DCAE platform capabilities in ONAP to include newer 
analytics/collector service and support complex ONAP usecases.

Looking forward to your support and collaboration to make it possible.


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Sent: Monday, July 09, 2018 1:28 PM
Subject: [onap-discuss][onap-tsc][dcae] PTL Election for DCAE

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Dear ONAP Community and ONAP TSC,

(apologize for the late action due to my vacation)

As mandated by ONAP process, PTL elections must be held at least once a year.   
You can read more details here:<>

If you are interested in the DCAE PTL position.  Please reply to all (including 
cc me at<> to self-nominate 
your intention.

We will close the self-nomination window by 23:59 EDT July 11th, Wednesday, 
2018.  Further instructions will be sent out to the committers on the election 
procedure if we receive multiple nominations.  The final result will be 
announced on the ONAP lists before the end of this week.

Best Regards,
Lusheng Ji

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