As part of the effort to clean up the wiki getting some continuity across the 
projects is chief among the feedback provided.

At the TSC meeting this morning I introduced a new template proposal for the 
first time for initial review and commentary.  Concerns expressed this morning 
primarily revolved around the somewhat conflicting priorities of ease of access 
for newbies, ONAP release management and operations and developer specific 

I believe I've taken that feedback and incorporated it into the template.


The top link is what a completed project landing page would look like. The 2nd 
link is the actual template itself with all of the embedded instructions for 
the PTL.

Please look these over and shoot holes in them. I'd encourage you to provide 
your comments on the individual pages.

My goal is the have these approved at next week's TSC.


sample-landingpage Project Home Page
Template- <project-name> Project Home Page (DRAFT)

Best Regards, 

Kenny Paul, Technical Program Manager, The Linux Foundation, 510.766.5945
San Francisco Bay Area, Pacific Time Zone



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