Great! I've been focused on the File Manager component, though I have to admit it has only been during the occasional free period rather than a concentrated effort. I find that once I get going, its a relatively painless process (highlight, paste, save, repeat) ..almost trance-inducing.

How would you like to divide it up? I'm happy with anything we come up with, and appreciate you taking the time to get us synchronized on this.


Mccleese, Sean W (388A) wrote:
Hey everyone,

Just writing to check the progress & coordinate completion on OODT-3 (ASL 
license headers). I started prepending all the *.java files for a number of the 
packages and I know ahart made some additional commits for more headers. Rather 
than personally trawling through each individual file checking the license, I 
wanted to coordinate with someone (ahart) to identify what packages/filetypes are 
left to fix and then get this issue closed.


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