As ordinary blind user, I work very much to promote OOo and
accessibility free software for blind people. The current problem is
that public administrations, in France, choose OOo, but blind people are
complaining, as they consider it's not perfectly accessible with NVDA
(Free screen reader for Windows). And migrating to Linux isn't always
easy in a network (active directory features, ...).

However, IBM Symphony works fine. My problem is that's not a really free
software. Nethertheless, IBM, according I was told, gave to the Apache
Foundation Iaccessible2, which is the code which enables Symphony to be
perfectly accessible with NVDA.

Could someone study Iaccessible2 and integrate it in OOo? It'd be great
if OOo could be accessible with NVDA in the next stable releases. As no
developper, I'd appreciate if you could tell me when it's integrated, if
someone accepts to do it.

Thanks very much for your answer.


Jean-Philippe MENGUAL

accelibreinfo, votre partenaire en informatique adaptée aux déficients visuels


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