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just reporting two observations: while testing the current BSF4Rexx and
the latest ooRexx 4.0.0 against OpenOffice.org it seems that executing
Rexx programs with RexxStart() repeatedly from the same process, does
not start out each time in a "fresh" environment. It seems that required
packages from previous runs via RexxStart() have an effect on subsequent
RexxStart() invocations (all running always in the same
process/thread);  the required package "UNO.CLS" requires "BSF.CLS"
itself and on subsequent RexxStart() runs it behaves as if some entries
in .local (set up by the prologue codes in those packages) are not
available at later invocations of RexxStart(). [However, sometimes, but
not reproducable, some RexxStart()-invocations succeed, but mostly the
second and later attempts cause runtime errors when accessing Java proxy
objects stored in .local.]

Sorry, not able to produce a small program to demonstrate, hence not
reported via the bugtracker. However, if one installs OpenOffice.org
from <http://www.ooRexx.org> and BSF4Rexx from
installing also the OOo support, then one could probably reproduce it
by: starting the OOo writer, going to "Tools -> Macors -> ooRexx", then
creating a library and a macro (there will be a default ooRexx macro
created); just save that macro (it will insert text into the writer
document) and run it more than once and you get a runtime error on the
subsequent run; repeating running the macro may sometimes yield success,
most of the time it will fail. Each macro invocation will invoke the
Rexx interpreter via the BSF infrastructure using RexxStart() currently.


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