Rick McGuire wrote:
> This is the correct result.  The traceback only includes lines back to
> the point where the condition was trapped.  Since your internal
> routine call inherits the signal on settings from the call, the error
> trap is triggered while still in the internal routine, so line 2 does
> not get added to the traceback.
>From native code the only piece of information that is available about
conditions is the condition object retrieved by GetCondition(). If it is
not possible to get at the line number where the signal occurred [and
preferably the sourceline(sigl)], then the condition object is in some
use cases unfortunately of no great help

It seems that what is currently missing from the condition object then,
is the value of SIGL and preferably the sourceline(SIGL). Shall I open a
RFE to ask for them, or do you regard that to be useless?


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