Rick McGuire wrote:
> The unloader gets called when all interpreter instances have been
> terminated and the global Rexx environment is going to be shut down.
> Any active instance, regardless of how it is created, is enough to
> keep these active.  If the process terminates while there are still
> active instances, then these are not going to get called.
O.K., I just *tried* to upload a zip-archive that exhibits the problem.

Unfortunately, I got thrown out twice:

    * the first time, because the upload file limit must not exceed 256KB
    * then, after having created chunks of 256KB and a script to
      recreate the original file I was moved to an error page, because I
      forgot to log-in. This caused the loss of my description, such
      that I just will briefly wirte up another one.

Can't Sourceforge be configured to check the login-state *before* one
opens an artefact item to help loosing entered data? (I really wonder,
whether people who experienced that usability problem with Sourceforge
whether they gave in in reporting problems.)

In this particular case the file-size is large, because I would like to
supply the compiled versions and all files created in the compilation
step to ease debugging for you, because then the example can be run
"right out of the box". This size-limit (seems to be new, maybe
introduced the last time Sourceforge changed their appearance?) for
these kinds of archives is definitely too small.


O.K. added a "readme.txt" to the archive that briefly describes the
problem and how to run the "showcase".

Will take a while before all chunks are uploaded.


> On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 8:38 AM, Rony G. Flatscher
> <rony.flatsc...@wu-wien.ac.at> wrote:
>> Under what conditions would a defined unloader function be run by the
>> runtime? What could be reasons that it does not get invoked?
>> Reason: when running a test-program via rexx.exe, the unloader runs at
>> the end of the program. When running via Java, the unloader does not run
>> (I seem to remember that a couple of weeks ago it did run nevertheless),
>> even though all Rexx interpreter instances should be terminated at that
>> point.
>> ---rony

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