Dear P.O.:

On 08.08.2017 16:33, P.O. Jonsson wrote:
> Please find below some results of the testing
thank you very much (thanks for the image of the GUI on the Mac)!

Your reported crash happened after a Rexx AttachThread() on the Java-GUI thread 
("JavaFX Application
Thread"), like on Windows and Linux.

Also, it is very likely that uninits are being run at the same (or around that) 
time in parallel as
arguments from Java to Rexx will be turned to Rexx proxy objects, which upon 
return to Java will be
garbage collected at which time their uninit-methods run.


PS: The MacOSX ooRexx version got also updated with the ooRexx current trunk 
version (r11283), so
you have the latest ooRexx on MacOSX as well! :)

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