Just a brief update about the current compiler warnings (MSC from MSVS 2015 
professional, update  3)
and MacOSX' latest Clang.

You'll find the extracted warnings attached which I enclose as attachments and 
which will also be
available temporarily from the Dropbox link:
<https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x2dczehvq5fzqtx/AAA2U2G10ELtuvmtQZNPkw3pa?dl=0>, in 
case the attachments
do not work (the Dropbox link includes 32- and 64-bit Windows installation 
packages in release and
debug versions).


    There is one warning related to 
"interpreter/platform/unix/SysFileSystem.cpp", where usage of
    "tmpnam" is deprecated and it is suggested to use "mkstemp" instead.

    There are many warnings linked to ooRexx using the deprecated "libstdc++" 
library, suggesting to
    use the "libc++" library and setting the minimum deployment to "OS X 10.9": 
"OS X 10.9" is named
    "Mavericks" and got released on 2013-10-22.

Ad Windows, 32- and 64-bit:

    There are various type conversion warnings.

    The warnings related to "trunk\extensions\rxsock\orxsock6.cpp" 
("uninitialized local variable
    'arrobj' used") would yield errors at runtime, in case a Rexx error message 
is to be created.
    Could upload a patch (assigning a new Array), if desired. Interestingly, 
these warnings were not
    given on MacOSX.

    It seems that on Windows, "rxsock6.pdb" is not packaged when creating the 
debug installer (e.g.
    it is missing from the 32- and 64-bit "NSIS\files\Core).


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