My new laptop arrived yesterday and I finally got things to the pointer
where I can build. My new machine is a dual drive system, so all of my
builds moved from C: to E:, which required rerunning the cmake command
because the source trees have moved. I nuked the CMakeFiles directory,
issued the command, and got an immediate error about a failure doing a test
compile. That was this morning. I uninstalled and reinstalled Visual
Studio, the SDK, even CMake, but nothing made the error go away. I
eventually figured out it was looking for an older version of the compiler,
but I could not figure out why it was trying to use that version.

I finally noticed there was a file named CMakeCache.txt in the root of the
build directory. Cmake was using stale information from that cache to
determine the compiler location. So, long story short, when you need to
rerun the cmake command on a build directory, erase ALL of the files!

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