The main problem is that the logic for header inclusion is seriously flawed …

The test should be on the availability of features features 
Not on the system name (*)

Working on it
 As soon I find all the things to fix 
 I will email  the svn diff report with some suggested modifications

I did point them out
And again … the test should not be on the system name 
In my private ooRexx development copy 
I do not care about the system name …
In the CMakeLists I run a compilation of

#include <sys/stat.h>
int main()
char    Path[1000];
char   *dPath = Path;
struct  stat file;
        lstat64( dPath, &file);
return (0);

And if it fails I set the flag


The only instance where it is needed, because on the different prototype 
#if defined(FREEBSD) || defined(OPENBSD)
    return context->WholeNumberToObject((wholenumber_t)setpgrp(0, 0));
    return context->WholeNumberToObject((wholenumber_t)setpgrp());

> On 20 Feb 2019, at 19:35, Jason Martin <> wrote:
> This is not all the HAIKU patches but I looked at what I had to do to fix 
> OpenIndiana build.
> GCC or OpenIndiana knew I needed <sched.h>
> Someone pointed them out with my first patches.
> Regina Rexx get most all right here, including enviroment and Address 
> statements.
> But it is C and ooRexx would be better on Haiku. (C++ OS and C++ GUI)
> OpenBSD ok before the 5.0.0 release you be extra GREAT too!
> The more OSes the better the code.
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